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During massive and hectic interventions across Jammu and Kashmir, GK Welfare Trust partnered with National NGOs which after judging the work done at ground level sought extension of their programmes in GKWT adopted villages. Anhad, a New Delhi based NGO volunteered a team to educate children of Upper Dachi. About six colleg and university students during summer of 2006 voluntered and brought the earthquake hit children out from trauma by scheduling educational programmes that had playway and participative methods of schooling. Apart from this Anhad volunteers did door-to-door survey in these areas which was published in report form. The success of this programme could be gauged from the departure event of these volunteers as entire hamlet with school kids turn up to bid farewell to their teachers.

A Hyderbad based NGO Sahayata also intervened in Madian and Kamalkote area by providing tents through GKWT as the Trust volunteers had identified the victims.

A Tokyo based Kashmiri activist who had Donated towards relief also joined in at Bogroto and assesed for herself the work done by GKWT.

I-T exemption

All these facts are duly reflected by the records of the Trust which have undergone the scrutiny of Registered Chartered Accountants in terms of consistent Statements Of Accounts/Balance Sheets duly approved by the Income Tax Department. The activities of the Trust having been accepted as being strictly charitable in nature, has lead it to earn exemption in terms of Section 12 (A) of Income Tax Act and its Donors under Section 80-G of the Act.

The Trust has been granted exemption under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961 in respect of donations. Infact, the order by Mr Virendra Singh, Commissioner of Income Tax Jammu and Kashmir Jammu in order CIT/J&K/JMU/05-06 3415 mentioned that GKWT qualifies on basis of verified facts for exemption under section 80-G of I-T act.

GKWT publications

Any organization running welfare measure in massive scale couldn’t remain detached from being accountable to its donors who had reposed their trust and Donated generously. GKWT in order to make them aware about the activities regularly published details of donations and intervention in earthquake hit areas in Greater Kashmir. Apart from highlighting the activities in daily editions, GKWT brought out various publication in form of booklet for major donors and a supplement for all. The booklet gave details in nutshell while the supplement elaborated at length GKWT’s activities across the state.